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Review: The Year I Became Isabella Anders - Jessica Sorensen

The Year I Became Isabella Anders (Sunnyvale, #1)

Review: The Year I Became Isabella Anders - Book #1 Sunnyvale Series - Jessica Sorensen - September 2015
After my first read, today was a DNF, I decided to browse the kindle for something to read and came across this Jessica Sorensen book. It has been a long time since I read a Jessica Sorensen book and once I started reading this, I was hooked into the book and it reminded me of why I first fell in love with this author as I have loved everything by her that I had read so far.  The Year I Became Isabella Anders is a YA series and reminded me of the early edgy YA series like Breathe for Me by Rebecca Donovan. Isabella aka Isa is the odd one out in her family and they all seem to hate her with a passion. No matter what she does, she gets treated awful - like a Cinderella character. Isabella is being sent to hang out with her Grandmother Stephy - her Dad's mother over the summer. It should be a punishment but as her cousin, Indigo will be there as well, it gives her a break away and during this time she will discover a dark secret about herself. Also during her trip away, she has been getting some threats via an unknown number. Is it her sister Hannah out to get her and playing mind games or something more sinister? This trip also did wonders for Isabella Anders as when she arrives back in Sunnyvale, she feels more confident and ready to step out of her bubble with her new friends and neighbors Kai and Kyler.  As I loved this book so much, I read the second one straight after as The Year I Became Isabella Anders ends on a semi-cliffhanger and there is a good storyline that pops up that will make you want to hurry up and read book #2 like I did so that you can see the story develop further.  Needing a good YA coming of age/thriller then get reading The Year I Became Isabella Anders by Jessica Sorensen - Book #1 in the Sunnyvale Series.

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