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Review: Mary, Mary - James Patterson

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Mary, Mary (Alex Cross, #11)

Review: Mary, Mary - Book #11 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson - October 2006

With the latest release of the Alex Cross novels, I decided to go through the list of his books in this series and make sure that I had read all of them. I noticed that there were two that I hadn't read. Mary, Mary was one of them that I hadn't rated on Goodreads. However, as I started reading it, parts were flashing back and as it was released before I started writing my book reviews and my blog - I think I read it then. Unlike the other Alex Cross novels, this one didn't feel like an actual Alex Cross story until later on in the book as Mary, Mary has a few storylines which eventually merge together at the end and all connect up. We have the first set of killings where famous mothers are being murdered and at the end of each murder sent to the LA Times is a letter signed by Mary Smith. We then have Storyline #2 which is of a Mary Smith and her three children - Brandon, Ashley and Adam and her life as a single mother and the everyday struggles and the last storyline is of Alex Cross and his family. They start off on vacation and then he gets called into a case that digs into family time and reflects badly as he is being sued for custody of his son Alex Cross Jnr aka Ali by his ex-wife Christine.  I had to keep remembering that this was an earlier book as Ali was only three years old and Alex Cross had yet to meet Bree Stone.  Can Alex not only save the town of LA from more murders but also save his family from being split up? Find out in Mary, Mary by James Patterson - Book #11 in the Alex Cross series.

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