Saturday, December 14, 2019

Review: Girls of Storm and Shadow - Natasha Ngan

Girls of Storm and Shadow (Girls of Paper and Fire, #2)

Review: Girls of Storm and Shadow - Book #2 Girls of Paper and Fire Series - Natasha Ngan - November 2019

This is a series that I have been enjoying yet normally it wouldn't have been one that I touched but there is just something about the writing that it makes it easy to read and draws the reader in. Normally I wouldn't have read it as A) It's about Asian culture and that doesn't normally interest me as much and B) its a fantasy dystopian and as I went through a huge stage of reading both a while back, I find it difficult to read them these days as it has to be amazing to hold my attention which despite everything that this book contained it still managed and it only took me two days to read. At the end of Book #1, we read as the main characters Wren and Lei had a massive battle with the current King. Wren and Lei were part of his harem and both had strong reasons to get revenge on the king. This book starts with the girls meeting Wren's father and believing that the King is dead which of course we are about to discover is far from the truth and now Wren and Lei are traveling around the various clans in order to get support to face the King once and for all. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom, the King is killing everyone he suspects his part of the coup to get rid of him and is not sparing anyone. Can Wren and Lei despite their differences on their journey work together to unite and destroy the King once and for all? The journey will be difficult as Lei will discover her differences to Wren and that underneath it all Wren is just as ruthless as those she hated and it won't be easy for Lei as she will also have to say goodbye to friends along the journey as they are killed in battles. The book ended on a cliffhanger which was a bit of an OMG nooooo and I now can't wait to read Book #3 which sadly is still untitled and has a potential TBC release date in 2020 sometime. P.S the other thing I have loved about this series is that it has had the most amazing covers.

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