Review: Archie . Volume 5 - Various Authors/Illustrators

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Archie, Vol. 5

Review: Archie - Volume #5 - Various Authors/Illustrators - May 2018

This particular Archie comic had a more modern feel to it compared to past ones I have read. The book starts with Archie being challenged by Reggie Mantle to a car race - think Grease and then we have our Sandy, I mean Betty Cooper trying to stop the race except Reggie pushes it too far and she ends up pushed off a cliff. Betty lands in a wheelchair with the frightening news that she may not be able to walk again. As Betty is the volunteer queen of Riverdale, the team decides to pick up the slack by helping out. Archie, of course, isn't as agile and quick as he is in the TV show - in fact, in this comic, he is a klutz but still has his big heart and wants to help Betty. Hal Cooper though blames Archie and bans him from seeing Betty. Veronica and Archie's relationship is on the rocks as Veronica starts to notice just how much he loves and cares for Betty. Though Archie has some competition as Dilton Dooley has eyes for Betty too. While Reggie is in jail, he meets a guy with red hair who turns out to be Jason and Cheryl Blossom's biological father - this is probably where Cheryl got her nastiness and bad side from. Also at the end of the book, we see a sneak peek of the band The Archies which contains Veronica, Betty, Archie and Jughead. Our awesome foursome. Even if you aren't a fan of the TV Show Riverdale, you need to read the Archie comics as this is a series everyone needs to get on board with as Archie is the epitome of Classic Graphic novels.


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