Saturday, December 21, 2019

Review: Bully Bet - Moira Barretti

Bully Bet (Allegri Elite High School Book 1)

Review: Bully Bet - Book #1 Allegri Elite High School - Moira Barretti - November 2019

Continuing on my path of reading bully romances aka Bullymances. I decided to read Bully Bet by Moira Barretti. Of course, I go into the bully romances blind so I wasn't sure what it was about and this one turned into a Mobster Romeo and Juliet sort of situation. What I also liked about this particular one was it was a nice change from the reverse harem situation that Bully romances tend to go for. In this book, our main female character Adrianna is secretly a Mobster princess and is going to high school and keeping a low profile, trying to be normal and all. That is until Caden Dinarti arrives at the school in all his glory and swagger and plans to make Adrianna's life a living hell. The Dinarti's are another mobster family and are Adrianna's family's arch-enemy. What happens though when Adrianna hears about a Bet to seduce Caden? Is this her way of getting revenge on the guy who has made her last few weeks at school a living hell. What will happen though when Adrianna actually starts to fall for Caden, only for things to turn out crazy when her brother and family discover something is up? Find out in Bully Bet by Moira Barretti. I am now looking forward to reading on and continuing this series and checking out Moira's other series Invern Elite Prep School.

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