Review: St. Alderville - United - M.J McKinlay

St. Alderville: United: A Reverse Harem High School Bully Romance

Review:  United - Book #1 St. Alderville Series - M.J McKinlay - July 2019
Following the bullymance trope, I bring to you St. Alderville- United which again was one of the better Bullymances I have read. This book though has the set-up to be a reverse harem, it isn't as such. It does, however, have moments that could be considered as an RH. Our main female character Aria has been picked up on a possession charge as her mother went AWOL and in order to survive, she decided to sell off her mother's stash of cocaine. However, one went bad and she ended up being arrested. At the station, she met an officer and he gave her a choice - go to jail or enroll in their state to schools program and become a student at the elite high school - St. Aldervilles. When Aria arrives, she is instantly thrown into the world of wealth and the wolves where she meets a fellow student on the same program as her Sierra. Sierra warned Aria of the Heirs - Jed, Blaze and Thorn. These are the kings of the school and get away with blue murder and they have decided that Aria will be their next target and they set out to break her via sexual harassment etc. The thing is unlike their students before that they have harassed, Aria is not going to back down and let them win. She will play them at their own game and when she learns a dark secret about the Aldervilles, she will hold it close to her chest as who knows when she might have to let that secret slip in order to survive and stay at St. Aldervilles as despite the bullying being here is a better solution than prison for Aria. I have to admit it was nice reading a book where the only bullies were the main three guys rather than the vindictive and jealous chick which gets a bit annoying after a while. This is one bully series, I will be continuing with and seeing how it ends for Aria.


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