Review: Bidding For Keeps - K.Webster

Bidding for Keeps (Sorority Secrets, #1)

Review: Bidding For Keeps - Sorority Secrets Book #1 - K.Webster - September 2018

Nearing my 300 goals I decided on the weekend to start clearing some older titles from my devices and came across Bidding for Keeps by K. Webster and knew it would be a fun easy read as I love my college fiction and anything by K.Webster. Bidding For Keeps takes us into the world of the sorority Beta Kappa Nu. They are raising money for the local animal shelter which had burned down and hurt some of the local firemen including one of Beta Kappa Nu's own brothers Shane. The girls are trying to raise money but they can't seem to rake in the big bucks. That is until Vivi makes a suggestion on how they can earn some money but they have to be careful about it as it borders on the line of illegal. She has suggested that they run an auction and auction off their virginity. She lies on her post and says she is a virgin, yet she has slept with only one person - the person who broke her heart years ago. Vivi is bid on and ends up being brought for $20,000 which is a lot of money and she can't believe it. It is the day of meeting the buyer and she is hoping they aren't some old pervert. What happens though when the bidder turns out to be the one person she never thought she would see again and someone who ruined her? This time Vivi is holding her cards close to her chest as she vowed never to let him break her again. Can the mystery guy woo Vivi back into his heart and clutches? Can he prove to her that he has changed and that he was in a tight spot years ago and the truth is he never wanted to let her go?
Find out in this quick romance new adult sexy read "Bidding for Keeps" by K.Webster.


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