Tuesday, December 10, 2019

VBT# What I Did For Love - Mickey J. Corrigan

What I Did for Love

Review: What I Did For Love - Mickey J. Corrigan - October 2019

I have to admit I wasn't 100% sure what to expect with this book as the genre of psychological thriller/suspense had drawn me in and then the tagline of First comes to desire, then comes murder. What I Did For Love reminded me strongly of the books Lolita and The Graduate with Mrs. Robinson. Our main female character loves sex and with young men - those naive, innocent nerdy boys. The younger the better which I have to say this bordered on the line of pedophilia but at least she didn't go with too younger boys - they had at least hit puberty and were wanting to lose their virginity cards and who better not to lose it with - the sexy older teacher. Cat has found herself wet for her new student whom we know throughout the book as Mojito. He is her idea of a wet dream as he is well-read and hot stuff. Cat finds herself being pursued by his father whom if Cat liked older men then he would have been her perfect male as the personality is like father, like son. Cat agrees to date his father as this is her way to get closer to his son. Soon Cat ends up sleeping with both men and eventually falls pregnant, but she will learn that life isn't all roses and happily-ever-afters and that she has been played and that Mr. Mojito was nothing but a con-man and she was being strung along for the ride. What's worst is that she doesn't know who the father of her baby is and when the older Mr. Mojito makes a comment, Cat decides to end things and is of course put on trial and painted on to be a Mrs. Robinson who took advantage of his young seventeen old son. What I Did For Love is written like a memoir as it is an account of her story of the events that happened and what led to that fateful night and her charge of murder. If you are into books with Older Woman/ Younger Men and like the idea of a Mrs. Robinson - then Mickey J. Corrigan's book "What I Did For Love" is the read for you.

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