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Review: Target: Alex Cross - James Patterson

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Target: Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #26)

Review: Target: Alex Cross - Book #26 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson - November 2018

I decided with the end of the year coming up that I would go back through the backlist of Alex Cross novels as I noticed there were a few I had missed. This particular one I had given a go back in March 2019 but obviously my mind wasn't feeling it and I couldn't finish it. I decided to give it another go and re-read and this time I managed to finish the novel. I think for me, the issue was that there were just too many characters in this one as the bad guys are a group of assassins and lots of people are killed that it felt a bit too muddy for me. The parts of course that I loved was the interaction of Alex Cross and his family. I also liked how we were brought in with familiar faces from Ned Mahoney and John Sampson. In Target: Alex Cross, someone is killing the major political figures of the city and planning to take over the government as not only presidents are being murdered but also those ready to take over if the president dies. The murders aren't located to just one spot either, they are happening all over the US in various states. During this novel too, Alex Cross has a patient who likes to stalk men as it's the only way she feels love and it seems that she may get caught in the crosshairs of this new case as well. Can Alex Cross help find the killer or in this case killers before he and his family become the next target as he starts to close on the best of the best in the business of assassin kills. 

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