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Review: Twisted Twenty-Six - Janet Evanovich

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Review: Twisted Twenty-Six - Book #26 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - November 2019

I have been following this series for a few years now ever since the release of the movie One for the Money and I decided to make it my goal to read the whole series and I have managed to do that and now am up to date with the series. In Twisted Twenty-Six by Janet Evanovich, Stephanie's Grandma Mazur had a whirlwind romance and marriage in Las Vegas with a mobster named Jimmy. While on the pokies, Jimmy had a heart attack and now with his funeral and the news of the death it has everyone in a high panic as apparently, Jimmy had possession of the "keys" and now they must be returned. A lot of people want the keys and are willing to kill for them and a lot of the people think since Grandma Mazur was the last one to see Jimmy alive that she has them and they aren't afraid to come after her. Twisted Twenty-Six also sees the usual car bombing and Stephanie needing Ranger's help. There is still that uncertainty to who Stephanie wants as her forever guy as we have the chemistry between her two main guys. Though with the way the world has gone and the themes of books lately, she could have both as Reverse Harem is in as don't forget the coming and going's of Wulf and Diesel.  Twisted Twenty-Six does end on a cliffhanger which we see as it is revealed to be the new title of the next book which sadly takes a different direction at this stage as it did not contain the words twenty-seven. I do have to admit I wonder how many more books we are going to get in this series as a lot of things seem to be repetitive and as Stephanie pointed she is getting on in age and how long will Morelli be around for as "friends with benefits and potential boyfriend".

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