Saturday, December 14, 2019

Review: Monster - S.E Green


Review: Monster - S.E Green - Aprl 2019

Readers will know that one of the authors that I follow and ensure that I read all she releases is Shannon Greenland or when she writes the edgier novels as S.E Green. Monster starts off with two twins who are out playing by the train tracks when they are kidnapped and then held hostage for a year. During this time the girls are subjected to torture including cannibalism as organs are cut out and then feed to each other. Caroline managed to escape but Annabel wasn't strong enough and died. Now thirteen years later,  there is a new case that involves cannibalism and is similar to the one she experienced and now all her old memories are flooding back including ones that she had repressed. What will happen though when she discovers that all she has experienced is not what it seems and that her kidnappers have been closer to her than she ever expected? Will this revelation break Caroline as they want once and for all or will it prove that she is still as strong as ever and nothing can keep her from finding the truth about what happened to her sister Annabel that fateful year they were held captive.  Monster was an edgy and mind-twisted novel that had you thinking one thing and the next going, maybe I was wrong? It definitely is a novel that will keep you on your toes as you too as the reader will try and decipher what is fantasy and what is a reality.
Monster is the perfect read for all those YA fans who are interested in not only serial killers but the psychology behind it as well and the lengths people will go to cover their own tracks even to the point of making others think they are crazy.

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