Review: Wicked Blue Bloods - Crestwood Academy - Devyn Forrest

Wicked Blue Bloods: A Highschool Bully Romance - Crestwood Academy Book 1

Review: Wicked Blue Bloods - Book #1 Boys of Crestwood Academy Series - Devyn Forrest - December 2019
In the town that Kennedy Harper lives in it is divided by an imaginary line, you have the lower to mid-class in Ridgewood and then the mid-upper class in Crestwood. Those in Ridgewood work for those in Crestwood, they are the maids, butlers etc. Kennedy has always hated Crestwood and what it stands for as it has been drilled into her since she was a little child from her grandmother and then her parents. Kennedy lost her Dad in a car accident and now has been having a hard time with nightmares etc, on the anniversary of the accident she decides to ditch school with her partner in crime Eric. The pair end up in Crestwood at the academy and decide to tag the welcome sign. Kennedy is an amazing artist and learns as part of her punishment she has been offered a full-ride art scholarship to Crestwood. Of course, it's not going to be easy as she has a target painted on her from the wealthy of wealthy- the Crestwood Elite which includes the hottest guys in the school and Hailey - the Headmaster's granddaughter. During this book we learn tidbits about Kennedy's grandmother and that she attended Crestwood but something happened and she was kicked out. We do get strong suspicions of Kennedy's potential bloodline and the cliffhanger focuses more on that. Of course, all this is brand new news to Kennedy as her Grandmother was always so tight-lipped when it came to her time at Crestwood. As I have been reading so many of the bullymances - some are better than others. This was one of the better Bullymance Reverse Harem series that I have read in a few months and one that I recommend. As soon as I finished this book I went and grabbed Book #2 in order to continue the series.


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