Review: The Bully Switch - Mercedes Jade

The Bully Switch

Review: The Bully Switch - Mercedes Jade - May 2019
Genie and Jen's parents have divorced but the two identical twin sisters have always been good friends and told each other everything. However, when Genie goes to visit her Dad and her sister, she is about to discover she is in for a shock as her normal happy twin is depressed and has been bullied at her school. Genie is furious as to how dare anyone treats her sister like this and so what she decides to do is switch places. Jen will take her place at her public school and Genie will take Jen's place and give the bullies a taste of her own medicine. Again this book which is a novella so was a quick read had a great premise but fell flat, as Genie rocks up to school and is her snarky self which immediately has the guys going What did you do to Jen? Then Genie gets her revenge but during this, the boys have staked their claim on Genie and starting to fall in love with her. By the end of the book, Genie will have the boys on their knees apologizing and then wham bam, they are all having sex with Genie. This novella moved far too quickly for me and had a great build-up then the flat outcome. A bit like great amazing foreplay and then the sex is awful. The Bully Switch does also contain a tiny bit of BDSM and is considered in that aspect an R18. I would say The Bully Switch for me was a borderline 3Ps read and considered a hit or miss read for those wanting to try it.


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