Sunday, December 22, 2019

Review: An Innocent Obsession - Jessa Kane

An Innocent Obsession

Review: An Innocent Obsession - Jessa Kane - January 2019
Abandoned in an orphanage, Emery was fourteen years old when she first saw Clarke Carroway in the newspaper. From then she wanted him, first as a Daddy figure but as she got older she wanted him sexually. What started as an innocent obsession had her getting a job at his company as a Cleaner and when the files assistant goes on holiday, Emery signs up and gets the job. This is her one chance to get Clarke to finally notice her and so she dolls herself up and surprise, surprise he does. One thing leads to another and Clarke finds that Emery is the one thing he has been waiting all his life for. She is his soulmate and of course, we know Emery's mind and her views. Has Emery finally gotten everything she has ever wanted and is it worth it? Is the reality better than her fantasy? An Innocent Obsession is a quick smut read by Jessa Kane which contains Daddy Doms and is perfect for fans of Alexa Riley, Flora Ferrari and Madison Faye.

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