Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Review: Don't Trust Me - Jessica Lynch

Don’t Trust Me (Hamlet, #1)

Review: Don't Trust Me - Book #1 Hamlet Series - Jessica Lynch - December 2017

Tess and her husband Jack Sullivan are trying to reignite their marriage and are on their second honeymoon and a weekend away from distractions. All is going to plan until they pop their tire and out in the middle of nowhere. They manage to travel to the nearest town which turns out to be in the middle of nowhere - Hamlet where the population reads 192. Settling down for the night, the Sullivans book into the Hamlet Inn. Tess wants to explore while Jack stays behind and sleeps it off as he is an Earlybird. That night, Tess ends up getting a bit more drunk than she expects and winds up being hauled off to a cell by Deputy Mason Walsh. When Tess finally leaves the next morning, she heads to the inn. But she never expects what she will walk into as her husband has been murdered. What ensues is a case of Who Killed Jack Sullivan and if Tess didn't do it despite how much the sheriff Cait wants her to have committed the crime, that means that there is a Killer in Hamlet and if Tess isn't careful than she might be next as this smalltown doesn't take too lightly to outsiders. I have to admit when the ending arrived and that epilogue of six months or so after Tess had left Hamlet and we discover more in-depth about what had occurred in Hamlet, I never saw that twist coming. In a way Book, #1 Don't Trust Me by Jessica Lynch had a Strangers on a Train feel to the story.

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