Review: Back River Quiver - Alexa Riley and Jessa Kane

Back River Quiver

Review: Back River Quiver - Alexa Riley and Jessa Kane - May 2018

Trying to clear up my devices last night, I read a few books I knew would be quick reads for myself. One of them was Back River Quiver by Alexa Riley and Jessa Kane. I knew it would be sexy but wasn't 100% sure what else it would contain. I have to admit this was an odd book in a way to read as the book starts with Morgan who is in a bad mood and trying to escape her mother who has just told her she is getting remarried. She finds herself in the backwoods swamp where she is almost eaten by an alligator. She is saved by Rixen who believes that Morgan is the woman of his prayers and will be his gift - as a bride. He takes her to his home and Morgan at first believes she is being kidnapped as what man in his right mind would take a woman and tell her she is now his bride. During the first few pages, Morgan believes she is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as she is attracted to Rixen. As the book goes on, Morgan starts to actually fall for Rixen and realizes that despite his strange way of talking and thinking - he is actually a very sweet man who doesn't mean harm especially to Morgan. By the end of the book, of course, Morgan is married to Rixen and has a tribe of kids and lives in their little house by the bayou in the swamplands. As we expect with Alexa Riley's and Jessa Kane's book this was a quick sexy read with a few laughs and a true instalove story.

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