Review: The Initiation - Melissa Adams

The Initiation (Beverly Hills Prep Academy #1)

Review: The Initiation - Book #1 Beverley Hills Prep Academy - Melissa Adams - June 2019
Reading through the various bullymances, you can come across ones that are amazing and others that are a bit of hit and miss. For me, The Initiation was a freebie on Amazon and I had been looking forward to reading it but it wasn't a series I will be continuing as I found a few too many inconsistencies for myself. The book starts with our main character Ayla and her brother Ben moving to Beverley Hills as Ben created an app and sold it for millions and now the family has money. Their mother is also a local cop. Ayla arrives at BHPA and is the instant attraction as she is beautiful, feisty and smart. She is also quite naive as she finds her heart being pulled into multiple relationships and doing things she has never done before. This also puts her in the crosshairs of Michelle who is the school's current Queen B. The three boys are known as the A-Team as their names are all Alex want to be with her, so they create a bet to see who can win her heart and the winner gets to be with her while the others step aside. What started as a game though will become something more as they all realize that what they feel for Ayla is true and threatens their long-standing friendship. Meanwhile, EM aka Alex is trying to get a spot on the A-team and has been doing the dirty work for Michelle. The other storyline that runs through the book is Ayla's brother Ben getting involved in the drug scene, which was the storyline I found unbelievable as their mother was a cop and should have noticed the signs especially since she is also supposed to be homeschooling him.


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