Review: The Agent's Daughter - Ron Corriveau

The Agent's Daughter

Review: The Agent's Daughter - Ron Corriveau - May 2013

Melina's life has been carefully constructed for her as she has been expected to take over her family's business or at least work alongside them. The thing is though that Melina and her brother Travis have no idea that their parents are actually spies and pretty good at their job, in fact, their parents are two of the top spies in the agency. Her new crush Alex's father is also a spy and Alex was made aware a few years back but has to be careful around Melina not to spill any beans about her parents. Six months ago though Melina's life took a turn and things for her haven't been that great as she is grieving her mother who has been in a coma.  When her dad is called out on another mission, Melina gets Angela - the babysitter who is an ex-agent and was her mother's friend. During this time Melina will learn more about her parents and how they met and get back into her martial arts. The story gets a bit more exciting near the end as during one of Melina's Daddy/Daughter times, they learn that her mother's accident wasn't an actual accident and the pair find themselves kidnapped along with Alex's dad which forces Evan to come clean to his daughter about what her mother and he actually did for a job and Melina will learn that she has been trained since birth to take over the reins. After this ordeal, is Melina ready to take up the challenge and train to be a spy? Find out in this fun YA adventure read - The Agent's Daughter by Ron Corriveau.


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