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Review: I , Alex Cross - James Patterson

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I, Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #16)

Review: I, Alex Cross - Book #16 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson - November 2009

With the release of the new Alex Cross novel out, I decided to go back and check to see if there had been any of the series I had missed and I discovered there was a couple I hadn't read or at least reviewed on The Phantom Paragrapher according to Goodreads. I wondered with this one as it sounded familiar if I had started it but since it was before I started my blog if I had heard of it and not read through parts were familiar as I started reading it. In I, Alex Cross it is his birthday and all is fun and games until he gets a call that his niece Caroline Cross has been murdered and not in a good way either. This leads to Alex becoming involved in the investigation which he learns is much bigger than his paygrade and things are going to get much more complicated as this case includes escorts and wealthy paid men - men that are high up in society, politics and have deep deep pockets including one in particular whom they call Zeus and it seems he may be connected to the White House. Can Alex along with familiar characters and friends like Ned Mahoney and John Sampson help solve the case? We also have some family issues happening as Nana Cross suffers a couple of heart attacks and we find her life hanging in the balance. Near the end of this book to Alex gets a call from his old pal turned arch-nemesis Kyle Craig aka The Mastermind. Reading I, Alex Cross reminded me how much I loved the Alex Cross series by James Patterson and why I still have James Patterson as one of my favorite all-time authors. I, Alex Cross can be read as a stand-alone but it does help if you have read the other books.  The Alex Cross novels are like cat-nip for mystery and crime aficionados.

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