Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Review: Sweet Sixteen - Brenda Rothert

Sweet Sixteen

Review: Sweet Sixteen - Brenda Rothert - July 2018

Gin aka Ginger has one more year left at high school and then she can head to New York and get out of the smalltown of Roper. That is if she can manage to keep her head down long enough, however, at her school the football players are bullies and when she sees a younger girl Cassie Matthews being bullied she steps in and takes the brunt of the bullying. Cassie's big brother Chase who is the captain of the football team sees this and decides to nominate her for a rose and give her the chance of being one of this year's Sweet Sixteen. Every football season before each game, they hand out a rose to a girl and then at the party she is banged by the football players and becomes popular. All the girls who have gotten the rose are willing as they will do anything to be popular, however not Gin who has standards and sees this as a violation of women's right as she's not going to lose her V-card to a football player gang bang. Chase has never seen it through Gin's eyes but as she keeps turning him down, he sees what she means is she is bullied by the other football players and assaulted. As he sees the Sweet Sixteen in a new light and talking to one of the past recipients, Chase will soon learn who his real friends are and what sort of man and example he wants to set, even if this means losing everything he has ever worked for in the smalltown of Roper. I have to admit I had higher expectations for this book so it didn't quite measure up for me but I do have to say I have a crush on the cover and if you love YA romances with a hint of Bullying and high school angst/drama then you will enjoy Sweet Sixteen by Brenda Rothert.

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