Review: Baby Spice Forever - Frankie Love

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Review: Baby Spice Forever - Ireland Forever Series - Frankie Love - March 2019
It's St Patricks Day over in Ireland and Bridget has just arrived at the hotel ready for a quiet night in as she isn't really the partying type like her friends. She is most happy eating and blogging about her food journeys as she writes food reviews online. Once she arrives, she is starving and so goes in search of food and is told to beware of the grumpy chef in the kitchen. She meets Beckett and behind that slight grumpy facade, it turns out he is a nice guy and of course sparks fly between the pair of them as they banter away and connect over their mutual love of food. The pair have a wild night and included in their meal is a spice that Beckett's granny has nicknamed Baby Spice as it is said to have the powers of making one pregnant which the pair test out. What I found fun about this particular book beside it is an easy quick instalove read was sticking with the title Baby Spice, each chapter was named after a Spice Girls song and there are several references to 90s girl bands sprinkled throughout the quick sexy read which as someone who also loves 90s pop music, I felt at home with the references.  Baby Spice Forever by Frankie Love was a easy to read quick romance read for all fans of instalove stories with good relatable characters.


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