Review: The Knight - Lucy Auburn

The Knight (Coleridge Academy Elites #2)

Review: The Knight - Book #2 Coleridge Academy Elites - Lucy Auburn - November 2019

At the end of Book #1, we read as Brenna was abducted and learned the truth that her brother's suicide wasn't a suicide at all, that it was in fact murder. Now Brenna's real identity was also revealed at the school dance and she should be expelled but the boys aka Elites want her to stay at Coleridge and so they pull some strings and she is back on the roll for another year at least. With the help of the guys, she will try and learn what is on Silas's laptop and what he was involved in and what evidence led to his death. It seems that everything is connected to an elite group called The Syndicate who are very powerful and have the ability to make things especially people and problems disappear for good. One of Brenna's goals this semester is also to make Hass pay for his crimes including the framing of her brother Silas for rape. What happens though when her clumsy self ends up destroying evidence? This leads to a testifying with Georgia whom will later move from enemy status to frenemy. Just as things though may be looking up for Brenna as Blake, Lukas, Tanner and Cole all in their own ways proclaim their feelings for Brenna making this a YA reverse harem as compared to a lot of other bullymances - the Coleridge Academy Elites series is quite tame and has more of a suspense/thriller side to it. The Knight ends on a major cliffhanger which I was like OMG noooo - I need Book #3 now which sadly can't happen as it is still coming with a date that is TBC.  In terms of the Bullymance RH trope, Coleridge Academy Elites by Lucy Auburn is one of the better series.


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