Review: A Merry Christmas with Judy - K.Webster

A Merry Christmas with Judy

Review: A Merry Christmas with Judy - K. Webster - December 2018
Having a night of reading I decided to clear my devices of some books which had been sitting on there for a while and wanted some nice quick reads. I figured with Christmas around the corner that I would read this quick novella by K.Webster as I love her books. A Merry Christmas with Judy though it doesn't appear to be throughout the novel it is set in the 1960s. We have a young new teacher Miss Holland who is at the college and preparing for the nativity play when she discovers that baby Jesus is missing. She is informed by one of the other teachers - that the teacher known as Mr. Kaufman has taken it and hidden it as he is a Mr. Grinch and wants to sabotage her play and Christmas. Determined to make this play work, Judy hightails it to Mr. Kaufman's place only to later be stranded as a Christmas snowstorm has hit. The pair share a few heartfelt moments as well as sexy ones as Judy learns why Mr. Kaufman feels the way he does about Christmas and the sexy moments are when their chemistry can't take bouncing off the walls and they decide to put their skills to the test in some hot steamy scenes.  A Merry Christmas with Judy is not only a hot read that will melt away the cold snow but also shows that Christmas is not only a time of love but also for healing. A Merry Christmas with Judy is the perfect read to get you into the Christmas spirit this holiday season.


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