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Review: Twelfth Knight - Jessica Bucher

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Twelfth Knight (Shelfbrooke Academy, #1)

Review: Twelfth Knight - Book #1 Shelfbrooke Academy Series - Jessica Bucher - April 2019
One of my favorite tropes to read is renditions of classics and fairytales as well as boarding school novels. Twelfth Knight is based loosely on the play by William Shakespeare of Viola and her twin brother Sebastian.  The twins have managed to get a scholarship to the prestigious Shelfbrooke Academy. Sebastian for his Rugby and Violet for her academics. When she arrives though, she learns that they gave away her room instead of her brothers and now she must have a single in the boy's dorm thanks to a hunky rugby player - Owen Duke. Duke has just split up from his girlfriend Lily Thorn, though he wants her back badly. As the book goes on, Viola as Sebastian starts chatting to both Owen and Lily and Lily starts to fall head over heels for Sebastian as Violet is for Owen. The thing, however, Owen hasn't moved on from Lily and just sees Violet as a friend and she is heartbroken. What will happen though when her brother returns to Shelfbrooke Academy and the truth of what Violet has done is unraveled and revealed? Will Violet lose not only her new best friend Lily but also Owen - the guy she has fallen in love with.
Find out in Twelfth Knight - the first book in the Shelfbrooke Academy series by Jessica Bucher and stay tuned for the rest of the series to come. Each book in this series has reimagined a classic story.

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