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Review: Baseball Mine - Flora Ferrari

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Baseball Mine (A Man Who Knows What He Wants #80)

Review: Baseball Mine - Book #80 A Man Knows What He Wants Series - Flora Ferrari - October 2018
For as long as Brynn can remember her heart has only belonged to one man, her brother's best friend Bryce.  Bryce and Finn used to play Baseball together when they were younger and now Bryce has made it into the big leagues. He is now playing on his home court and Brynn has tickets. With their age-gap, the romance would be frowned upon by Finn, but Bryce isn't going to let Finn this time come between him and the girl he wants. Baseball Mine is one of those quick instalove older man/ younger woman romances by Flora Ferrari - my guilty pleasure read as I can read them without having to think too deeply about the book. They are what I call surface romance stories and just like a baseball soaring through the sky, the romance glides through the book. Will Bryce finally get the girl and settle down or will she be his baseball downfall? Find out in this quick romance read "Baseball Mine" by Flora Ferrari.

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