Review: Accidental Cinderella - Emily Evans

Accidental Cinderella (Accidental, #6)

Review: Accidental Cinderella - Emily Evans - September 2016

Ella has had an upheaval when it comes to her family life as her mother remarried her stepfather and then her mother died, and her stepfather remarried again and then he up and left her in her stepmother's care. When Ella receives a letter from an exclusive boarding school telling her that she has won a full scholarship, she can't believe it and that this is her ticket out of her step-monster's life. Ella starts at the boarding school and as soon as she arrives, she knows she doesn't fit in as everybody at the school is super-wealthy and she is average in all aspects. However, her mysterious benefactor has made sure that Ella is getting the full school experience like any other student. Ella makes friends with the Penworth twins Hale and Penelope. Hale doesn't date, but there is something about Ella that makes him want to reconsider and change his mind. As the book goes along, Ella soon discovers that something is fishy as people are telling her that the exclusive boarding school does not have scholarships - if they don't give out them, then who is paying for her schooling and clothes and pretending to be her school liaison? As Ella starts to dig it leads her to another student who will then unravel secrets about her past and who her father indeed is. I did like the ending of this book as it could have gone another way, but I loved how accepting the characters were and that they wanted to make up for lost time with Ella.


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