Thursday, December 27, 2018

Review: Malice - Jennifer Jaynes


Review: Malice - Jennifer Jaynes - September 2018
Daniel Winters is celebrating his life as he finally has everything he ever wanted after a bumpy road. He is sober, has a beautiful wife, Mia, up for a promotion as a partner in the Doctor's clinic he works at. Everything is going great. That is until Daniel returns from his honeymoon and settles back into work. A new drug has been announced, and the clinics have been encouraged strongly to push it onto their patients. The drug works supposedly as vaccination for the flu. The thing is this drug has been causing some harmful side effects in children, and a few have died from it. The company who created it aren't claiming they are in the wrong. What happens though when two of the doctors who have spoken against it and their families wind up dead? Is this a coincidence? Daniel sees it as random attacks at first until he starts questioning the drug when one of his youngest patients turns up dead after receiving the injection. As Daniel begins to question his work colleagues and other doctors, it looks like someone wants to shut Daniel up for good.
Meanwhile as the paranoia builds for Daniel around the drug , his wife Mia has also been lying to him. Is Daniel's honeymoon period over ? Malice had a few twists and turns and I found I enjoyed the Drug angle , but had wished maybe a bit deeper storyline with Mia's past as this side of her story could have been helped if she had only told Daniel the truth from the beginning. I feel there didn't need to be the big secrecy angle as that only caused unnecessary pain and tragedy.

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