Monday, December 31, 2018

Review: Jane of Fire - Jessica Penot

Jane of Fire: Book 2 of The Tattooed Girl Series

Review: Jane of Fire - Book #2 Tattooed Girl Series - Jessica Penot - December 2018

Jane of Fire continues from the first book Jane of Air which introduced us to Jane who has been employed at Thornfield Hall.  Jane has fallen in love no matter how much she was warned against with Edward Rochester. In this book, Jane has learned that Edward is engaged to Blanche and that he is following his families footsteps by not marrying people they love as the ones they love truly tend to die. Jane is more than aware of the curse as she discovered Lilliana's letters and Bertha's diary. A few fires happen, and injuries arise at Thornfield that are related to Bertha's death. When Jane is called back to her foster mother's deathbed, she discovers that she had an uncle who had been searching for all these years and Jane learns the real truth of whom she is and a bit about her tattoo. I was hoping for a bit more explanation but maybe next book. While this is happening, Jane learns that Edward has been arrested for Bertha's death. We also discover the real identity behind Helen - Jane's best friend in Book #1. This made sense as I had a feeling after finishing Book #1 that it was along these lines. If you love supernatural, paranormal romance and the Jane Eyre tale then you will feel right at home with Jessica Penot's series Tattooed Girl.

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