Review: The Invited - Jennifer McMahon

The Invited

Review: The Invited - Jennifer McMahon - April 2019
This book starts with Hattie and her daughter Jane being accused of witchcraft as Hattie had an idea something terrible was going to happen at the school and told her daughter to stay home. The schoolhouse ended up burning down, and Hattie and her daughter are blamed for the fire. Hattie tells Jane to run, and Hattie is sadly burnt at the stake. Centuries later, a new couple has moved into the property that once housed Hattie's house. Helen and Nate have decided to move to a quieter backwoods town from the bustling city life. As they start building strange things start occurring at the house, some townspeople have said it's Hattie's ghost. Nate as a logical one believes it's nonsense but for history professor Helen, she loves everything old and sets out to research the property. As she does, she starts to learn about Hattie and her descendants and that the bloodline was cursed with powers and gifts that killed them in the end. Currently, there is one female descendant left, and Helen has been getting messages to save her and keep her safe. Can Helen track down the last female descendant and save her before it's too late? In doing so, Helen will also help a young girl Olive discover the truth about what happened to her mother Lori years ago when she vanished without a trace.  I have to admit I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did, but the writing and storyline drew me in and kept me captivated and yearning to find out what incidents happened to each of Hattie's descendants and whether the treasure existed or not.


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