Review: A Merciful Fate - Kendra Elliot

A Merciful Fate (Mercy Kilpatrick, #5)

Review: A Merciful Fate - Book #5 Mercy Kilpatrick - Kendra Elliot - January 2019
Over thirty years ago, there was an armored car robbery. There were said to be five people involved. Only one was ever caught and sentenced to prison which was Shane. The others vanished without a trace along with the money. Now years later, out in the backwoods, a body has been found, and it looks like it is connected to the armed robbery case. Mercy who is now an FBI agent and her partner Police Chief Truman is on the case as they set out to identify the dead body. Doing this means re-opening old wounds as they head to the prison to talk to Shane. It looks like someone else is in town knows more about the case than they are letting on as a tabloid journalist Tabitha turns up asking questions.
Meanwhile, in this small town, there are also a few cases of vandalism occurring, is this all connected or something entirely different? As Mercy and Truman start to dig deeper, it seems that a few people in town might want the truth to remain hidden as they have created new lives for them and their families. Also as more victims start to pile up and one of the last calls is Mercy's father, it looks like she may have to pay her estranged father a visit.  Can Mercy and Truman solve the case of the century before more people are injured or worst killed?  Find out in another fast-paced mystery by Kendra Elliot. Also, I quite liked the cover of this book with the beautiful woods scenery. The Mercy Kilpatrick series is also a good read if you love strong female leads.


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