Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Review: Room #29 - Last Resort Motel Series - Megan Matthews

The Last Resort Motel: Room 29

Review: Room 29 - Book #7 The Last Resort Motel Series - Megan Matthews - July 2018

Hannah's life hasn't gone to plan. Instead, it has all fallen apart. She was planning to have a Las Vegas weekend for her 30th birthday and instead she ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that has conked out and the closest hotel is one that looks like it belongs in a horror movie and even has a scary name - The Last Resort Motel. There is nothing else around, so Hannah wanders over to the Motel. Only to discover that her bad luck keeps on rolling as the Motel is all full.  Next to Hannah is Lukis - he overhears Hannah's predicament and offers that she can share his room with him until she can get her car fixed. With nowhere else to go, Hannah reluctantly agrees but what has she gotten herself into when she finds out that Lukis was hiding a bag filled with ammo and guns ( yes multiple) under his bed in a black canvas bag. Is he a serial killer? Has she roomed with a psychopath? Also at the Motel, Hannah meets Antonio who has that Mobster vibe. When Hannah discovers Antonio's past, is she too deep in or can Lukis save the day and get what he needs and rescue Hannah in the process or will Hannah surprise Lukis with a few tricks of her own hidden up her sleeves?
This was another fabulous novella set in the Last Resort Motel Series, and I will be sad to finish the series as I only have a couple more to read.

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