Sunday, December 23, 2018

Review: Her Stand-In Boyfriend - Kelly Jamieson

Her Stand-In Boyfriend

Review: Her Stand-In Boyfriend - Kelly Jamieson - July 2015

Lexi's life is starting to fall apart after her latest event that she planned fell wrong from caterers dropping out last minute, someone stealing the presents and the wife's husband trying to assault her drunkenly and to make it worst the wife walked in. Thank goodness though for her best friend, Mack.  They have been best of buddies since college. Lexi has never wanted anything more than friendship as she thinks it will ruin their friendship. Mack, on the other hand, has been in love with Lexi as long as he can remember.  After a gallery event, the pair ends up drunk and in bed and have sex not once, nor twice but three amazing times. The thing is though it was great, Lexi doesn't want to ruin things and tries to pretend it didn't happen. Of course, you can guess what happens as now that Mack has had a taste he wants a relationship with Lexi. Since Lexi keeps trying to push the FWB package, Mack thinks she doesn't care, and their friendship starts to drift apart. Can Lexi confront her true feelings and win Mack back before it's too late and she has lost him forever? Find out in this light-hearted romance of friends to lovers by Kelly Jamieson - Her Stand-in Boyfriend.

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