Review: Her Grave Secrets - Kendra Elliot

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Her Grave Secrets (Rogue River #3)

Review: Her Grave Secrets - Book #3 Rogue River Series - Kendra Elliot - November 2014
This book starts with a skeleton being found in the woods; it looks like he was shot in the head. Local Police Chief Zane and a police officer Stevie is on the case. Zane is new to town, but Stevie grew up here, and her dad was a former cop. It turns out that the dead body belongs to the former chief officer Roy. Someone who everyone in town thought he had packed up and retired somewhere as he just vanished one day. Now that he has turned up dead, it is up to Zane and Stevie to try and connect the dots. As they are investigating his death, there is also a new drug hitting the streets and killing teens and locals. Stevie believes her father was murdered and it had something to do with this drug so she has been looking into his case and it seems she might be on the right track. Searching Roy's place, she discovers new boating equipment. Is her father's and Roy's deaths connected to the new drug popping up all over the place? As the body counts start to rise, can Stevie and Zane get to the bottom of it before they fall prey to the drug as well and find themselves among the body count?  The Rogue River series is a cross series that Melinda Leigh is also writing. Fans of Melinda Leigh's and Kate Watterson's will love Kendra Elliot's romantic suspense and crime novels.


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