Review: Look Alive Twenty-Five - Janet Evanovich

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Look Alive Twenty-Five

Review: Look Alive Twenty-Five - Book #25 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - November 2018

Stephanie Plum is back, and I have to admit, I was a little intrigued into seeing whether or not Janet could give us something original as this series is now at book # 25. We still had the age-old love triangle of who should I be with? Ranger or Joe Morelli as she loves Joe but Ranger is the dangerous Bad Boy filled with temptation and oozes Sex Appeal whereas Joe is the responsible cop, the boy next door with the huge family and their dog Bob. This book had what seemed like a supernatural twist with Wulf appearing - For those who haven't read her Wicked Series whose main character is Diesel. Diesel is Wulf's cousin.  Vinnie's bond agency has acquired a new business - the local deli. The thing is that it has a reputation for disappearing managers and the things they leave behind - one single shoe. Stephanie and Lula are hired to work at the shop in between catching their bounties. Of course, Lula takes sandwich making with gumption and turns the deli into a nationwide joke with her strange mixing of sandwich creations. As usual, we have Stephanie and Lula's antics of trying to catch bounties and Grandma Mazur's fun moments. In this book, we don't have Ranger replacing a car - instead, a bodyguard as Hal is one of the vanished. This was another excellent read, and I think if you love Stephanie Plum and want to see whats she's up to and want a reunion of characters - then read Look Alive Twenty-Five but if you want some Stephanie Plum Finale and Decisions - then you should skip as people we are still waiting for her to make up her mind about A) what she wants in life and B) who she wants in her life.


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