Review: Hate Notes - Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Hate Notes

Review: Hate Notes - Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward - November 2018

Though I have been trying to clear my old ebooks out, there are new releases that as soon as they are released - you know you have to read them. One of those for me was Hate Notes. I had been excited about this book ever since the cover was released. You know how you build high expectations for upcoming books in your head? I do that, and sometimes the book turns out disappointing but then you get the books that you are excited and when you read them - it is as good as you initially thought. Hate Notes was one of those books. The book starts with Charlotte having her engagement broken and then swapping her wedding dress for a cute fairytale dress she found in the wedding boutique. This is the dress she had wished she would have gotten married in. Inside the dress, she finds a blue stitched note written on personalized stationery. The letter is so romantic that Charlotte feels she needs to know who wrote it. She does some research and discovers that Reed Eastwood didn't end up getting married either. This pushes her to find more about her mystery man. One thing leads to another, and then Charlotte finds herself in tears and telling her life story to an old woman who gives her a job. It turns out that the old woman is Reed Eastwood's grandmother and Charlotte's new job is to be the PA for none other than Reed.  Fate or Coincidence? These two seem to bring out the passion in one another, and I loved their banter throughout the book. Will Reed and Charlotte finally get the weddings of their dreams or will a love note be the start of a love/hate relationship? Find out more in this unputdownable read - Hate Notes by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward.  A book that you won't be disappointed with.



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