Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Review: Lovewrecked - M.K Ritter


Review: Lovewrecked - Book #2 Eastbrooke Series - M.K Ritter - April 2014
At the end of Book #1, Blakely had just heard the news of her adoptive dad. At the start of this book, Blakely not only is grieving for her father who has been killed by Mason- her bio dad's stalker but also for her relationship with Rhys as on the worst day of her life, she also caught him cheating with Abigail - her nemesis aka The Ice Queen. Blakely wants to get away from everything heads to the Bahamas with Evan. Rhys, on the other hand, can't remember any of his night as he believes he drunk himself to blackout mode. He is now on tour as he couldn't back out. While Blakely recovers her hurt, she is back at school, and now that Rhys Morgan is out of the picture she is an open game and quite popular. The thing is she still deep down loves Rhys. At the school, the danger is lurking as another teacher is killed, and then Blakely and Slade are kidnapped and tortured.  Can the FBI find Blakely and return her and Slade in one piece or will the torture break the both of them? This was a far darker and edgier book than the first one. I also with the ending was hoping that a third book had been released as ends on a cliffhanger for Rhys, but it doesn't look like it. If you love Scarlett Haven as an author, then you will enjoy MK Ritter as it reminded me of a few of Scarlett Haven's series.

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