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Review: Burn Before Reading - Sara Wolf

Burn Before Reading

Review: Burn Before Reading - Sara Wolf - May 2017
For those who have read Paper Princess by Erin Watt, I found this book to be similar - it is different but similar.  Beatrix aka Bee Cruz is starting a new high school that she is on scholarship too. To get in, she had to write an essay which Wolf has read over and over again. There has been no girl to get under his skin as she does. The thing is it's never easy as Bee Cruz doesn't like Wolf - she thinks he and his brothers are entitled pampered jerks who believe everyone should bow down to them. When Bee learns that her scholarship is on the line, she is offered the opportunity to keep it. The Blackthorn's father wants Bee to spy on his sons and report back. If she does what he says, then she can keep her scholarship. Her family life depends on her education at Lakecrest and will sacrifice her happiness to save the one thing she needs the most. This should be easy as she hates the brothers, however as she starts to spend time with each of them including Wolf - she learns a hidden side of them - aside which she begins to love and care about. What will happen when she decides to tell their father to stick it, and the brothers learn that she was in cohorts with their father? Can Bee prove to the boys that she grew to care for them and was telling their dad she didn't want a part and was set up? Find out in this edgy YA novel that by the end of the story, like Bee - you won't help but fall and start to care for all the Blackthorn Brothers.

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