Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Review: Dr Ob(scene) - Max Monroe

Dr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries, #1)

Review: Dr Ob(scene) - Book #1 St.Luke's Docu-Series - Max Monroe - April 2017

It will be great for your career and the hospital he was told.  However, one choice has now made his life a living hell and one big joke. Dr. Will Cummings is head of Obs and Gyno. He has also been chosen to star in a new documentary series set in St.Luke's Hospital. The thing is though when the TV episodes air, it shows an offensive side of Will. One that he is even shocked at as he were not that rude and filled with sexual innuendos right? Melody has moved back home, and her mother got her a job interview working as a nurse for Will. When Melody arrives, one of the questions asked is, has she seen the show? Not knowing what they are talking about she declines and next thing she knows she is offered the job. When she arrives, the clinic is filled, and she later discovers it is because her boss was on a reality TV Show. As usual Melody and Will will start to have chemistry jumping off the page but can Melody who has just gotten out of a relationship with a liar be with another one when she discovers some nasty truths onscreen. Can Will prove to Melody that he isn't just the guy he has been portrayed on TV? Though this particular one had some funnier stories, I have to admit it was my least favorite of the St Luke's Docu-Series. I wasn't very keen on Will as he was a bit stiff for my liking and Melody just annoyed me with her stupid naivety. If you love Medical romances and just wanting a light, easy read, then Dr. Ob(scene) by Max Monroe is the read for you. One thing that I will finish on and that I do love is that Max Monroe tends to cross over her characters from the different series which I enjoyed.

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