Review: Saving Abby - Steena Holmes

Saving Abby

Review: Saving Abby - Book #1 Abby Series - Steena Holmes - May 2016
All that Claire and Josh Turner ever wanted was to become parents. They wanted it so much that they had chucked their life into creating children's books. Six years later after so many failed tries, the pair decided to go on a cruise and complete what was called their Children's Bucket List. They loved the cruise and escaping their reality. Josh did offer adoption and other options for Claire, but none hit the spot. She was either going to be a mother or not. When they return home from the cruise, Claire starts to feel ill and headachy. She also begins to get very sluggish. Claire thinks it is just jet lag, but as time goes on and she shows no sign of improvement, she reluctantly gets tested at the doctors who reveal that by a miracle she is pregnant and she and Josh are going to be parents. The next majority of the book is Claire and Josh's happiness of becoming parents finally to a little girl. What happens though as Claire doesn't seem to be getting better and her symptoms point to something more than just normal pregnancy hormones. Claire is diagnosed with a tumor and now must choose to sacrifice her life or her child's. There is no way that Claire will give up the baby inside of her. With the knowledge that she hasn't got long, Claire starts to write to Josh and prepare him for life as a single father.  I'm not 100% sure what I would do in this situation as is it better to survive or to leave my partner with a legacy made of both of us? Saving Abby was a slower read and falls into the category of women's fiction.


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