Thursday, December 6, 2018

Review: Charmed - Alexa Riley

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Review: Charmed - Alexa Riley - March 2018
Charlie is an artist, and there is a building downtown that she is obsessed with capturing its beauty.  During March, it is St. Patrick's Day and the whole town is enjoying a parade. Charlie has set up next to her picture - a table for face painting and decorating a child's cheeks with green clovers. During the day, she is startled as Warren who owns the building she has been drawing ends up covered in her green paint. Gruff as he may be, he frightens Charlie but in doing so - he sees something that he likes in her and wants to get to know her more. During the rest of the book, we learn about Charlie's life - her love of painting, kids and her homelessness. Warren seeks her out to claim her as his own. Will Charlie be wooed by Warren or will he have to work a bit harder than usual to earn the love of the girl of his dreams. As usual, this was an easy, quick smutty read that when readers pick up an Alexa Riley - they know what to expect - no big surprises.

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