Review: Mister Cubic Zirconia - Chassandria Warbanks

Mister Cubic Zirconia: A Single Dad Fake Fiance Secret Baby Bad Boy Trillionaire Ghostmance

Review: Mister Cubic Zirconia - Chassandria Warbanks - June 2018
Remember the Chance Carter issue with how he was supposedly bribing his readers with the prize of diamonds, and then he was also done for #bookstuffing. It was around the time of the #cocky trademark issue. The whole book world was going cray-cray. A few authors published parody novels about the issues. This was one of them and featured Lance Larter, the author. This book is a very quick read, and it is so cringeworthy that it's freaking hilarious. It covers every single trope you could imagine from ghostwriters to single dads to fake fiance's and secret babies not to mention those hot Alpha Bad Boy Trillionaires. If the book world is stressing you out and you want to sit back and laugh your head off and screw your face up at the same time as trust me, it's also so cringy that you will shake your head and go WTF did I just read. In saying that though, if you ever get a chance to read this - then you should.  Make sure that you do know the background of the issues that feature in this book as otherwise, the whole story will go over your head.


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