Review: Copyright - Lori Lesko


Review: Copyright - Lori Lesko - April 2014

Amber Tyler is a bestseller author, she is living the dream with her books selling, being able to write at home and she has the support of her family and girlfriend. One day while writing the end of Copyright, she is busy on her computer, and the next thing she knows is that she has collapsed. It turns out that Amber had a heart attack and while in the hospital she tells them not to give her drugs as she is trying to stay clean from both alcohol and drugs as after her divorce, Amber went down a rabbit hole, and it is only now that she is comfortable in herself. Once Amber returns home, she gets the bad news that her computer is broken and she has lost her last couple of chapters. The book starts getting interesting when she is out for dinner with her son and his girlfriend Alice and her father. They get talking about books, and Amber mentions her latest idea - only for him to tell her that there is a book similar to the same title hitting the bestsellers list. How is that possible, this was her idea? When she grabs the book, she is shocked beyond belief to see her own words on the page. Someone has stolen her book and taking the credit for her hard work. This action starts to lead Amber down a rabbit hole as she is sure someone is out to get her and ruin her life. Her family though think she has turned paranoid. Can Amber prove to those around her that she is telling the truth or will it be too late and Amber will lose everything including her own identity?
Find out in this twisty suspense novel which reminded me of a book I read years ago called Disclaimer by Renee Knight.


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