Review: Broken Things - Lauren Oliver

Broken Things

Review: Broken Things - Lauren Oliver - October 2018

Five years ago, there were three friends Mia, Brynne, and Summer. They loved this book wich Summer had carried around, and they decided to create their sequel to the book as it was one of those fantasy novels where the author finished on a cliffhanger and then died before she could write/release book two. During this year though, the girls were all growing up at different levels. From Mia the youngest who was all about friendships and her crush on Oliver, Brynne who was discovering the world of relationships and her revelation that she was gay and in love with Summer. Then there was Summer, who had Oliver as her boyfriend. That year, three friends went out, and only two returned home as it is discovered that Summer has been murdered. The police all thought that Mia and Brynne had done it as the way she was killed was similar to their fanfiction novel. Now it is coming up to the fifth anniversary of Summer's death, and both girls haven't been able to move on with their lives as they have her death hanging over them. With the help of Oliver and Brynne's wacky cousin - will the girls finally discover and unravel the truth about who killed Summer and set them up for it? 
Find out in this edgy Fan Fiction mixed with romantic suspense by Lauren Oliver.


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