Monday, December 31, 2018

Review: Tag You're Mine - T.L Osborn

Tag You're Mine.

Review: Tag You're Mine - Book #2 Childhood Games - T. L Osborn - December 2018

Disclaimer : This review is written with no bias as the author is a close friend of mine.

After enjoying the debut novel of Simon Says by TL Osborn and falling in love with the characters, I was looking forward to seeing what Terri would bring to Book # 2. This book was more me, and I also wondered if some of it has been based on her experience as a writer. The main character Riley is a struggling romance writer who has been having a hard time coming up with the words for her next book. Her family don't understand the world of writing and want her to fall in love, get married and have kids. They view her writing as a "hobby." As someone who is in this world, I too have had my writing called "a hobby," and to us writers, that is like one of the worst insults we can receive. The other thing I love is that the book was set in Wellington etc. with places I knew of , so I could envision them as I read the book. Riley meets James , who happens to be Simon's brother.  The pair click and Riley has her writing muse and her words back. The pair start a fun relationship but what happens when wires and communications are crossed and James's insecurities and past start to bubble to the surface and threaten what he has with Riley ? The other thing I loved was that this book featured all the previous characters from Simon Says and we were able to see how they have fared after Simon Says finished.  Tag You're Mine was another beautiful NZ based romance by T.L Osborn. If you have yet to discover her series , check out Book #1 Simon Says in the Childhood Games Series.

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