Review: Sorority - Genevieve Sly Crane


Review: Sorority - Genevieve Sly Crane - May 2018
You know how some books you read, they are hard to explain when someone asked what it was about? That for me was Sorority, and as a big reader, I often don't find it hard to tell you about a book. The sorority was to sum it up a look over a few years at a Sorority house on Greek Row. The inner workings of sisterhood from the pledges rushing to the invitations welcoming them to the house, the initiations and the sharing of the rooms. From the hidden secrets behind closed doors of lesbianism, eating disorders and sex and the consequences it can lead too like getting drunk and partying all the time or pregnancy. Rather than focus more on the classes side of college, this book is set in the sorority house and each chapter is one of the sorority members stories. It is quite a disjointed book and does have a theme of one major character who died during her pledge year and how her death has made some of the sorority girls take a long hard look at their own lives.  Sorority was a fast read, and I saw it's a format like a collection of short stories interwoven with one another rather than one solid novel with a strong plot running through the book.


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