Review: Room 58 - Last Resort Motel Series -BT Clearwater

Room Fifty-Eight (The Last Resort Motel Book 5)

Review: Room 58 - Book #5 The Last Resort Motel Series- BT Clearwater - May 2018
I have been enjoying this series and love the different takes on the books as you can see each author's got a different view on the way they want their story at the Motel to be portrayed. In Room 58 - we have Maggie who is the housekeeper and maid for the Motel and her friend Jonathan who is a biker. Jonathan wants Maggie for himself, but she has a no bikers policy, can he prove to Maggie that he is one of the good guys. Room 58 has a bit of a supernatural feel to it as we meet Claire who has arrived at the Motel and is meeting her husband here for their anniversary as they always come and stay in Room 58. When she arrives, she is told that her booking is impossible and learns that no-one has stayed in that room as death occurred there years ago. Claire adamant to remain there ends up talking Aurora into allowing it. As the book goes on, we discover strange things happening in the room including voices and a figure that only Claire can see. Is Claire delusional or does it go deeper than that? Maggie sets out to find out what happened to Claire's husband and where she has come from. In the process, Claire it seems will help Maggie realize that Jonathan is a good guy and maybe her Mr. Right. I loved this particular book as you could see the love Claire has for her husband radiating through the pages and the care Maggie had for Claire.


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