Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Review: The Good One - Part #1 - Jennifer Sivec

The Good One: Part One (The Happy Endings Resort Series Book 41)

Review: The Good One - Part One - Book #41 Happy Endings Resort Series - Jennifer Sivec - April 2018
Growing up, Olivia and her sister Molly didn't have the best life. They grew up in a trailer park with their mother who was an alcoholic and abuser.  Molly was her savior and always took the brunt of the abuse. The novel then jumps to Olivia at college and meeting her boyfriend, Danny. The pair eventually married, and it looks like Olivia has finally met the man of her dreams and has someone to care for her. That is until Olivia falls pregnant and her memories of her past and her mother's life start to flare up. She starts doubting herself and falling into a depressive state as she is too wrapped up in her mind believing that she is genetically made like her mother. During the book, Olivia is going to a therapist in which we have a constant reflection to Olivia's past and the memory that haunts her the most - the death of her sister Molly.  This was a quick read, and if you are in the mood for something edgy and dark, then The Good One is the book for you.

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