Review: Galway Baby Girl - S.L Finlay

Galway Baby Girl

Review: Galway Baby Girl - S.L Finlay - March 2018
Lana should be going to law school in the states and following in her family's footsteps instead she has talked her family into allowing her to do a small gap year by studying abroad in Ireland. Here they are hoping that she will get out the frivolous study of writing etc. before returning to her family's law firm. Soon Lana starts to fall for her sexy Irish professor and vice versa. The thing is that her professor doesn't live a healthy sex life. He is into BDSM, and among other things, one of his fetishes is Age Play.  He likes to be called Daddy and have his sexual partners act like young ones. This was an easy smut read and if you want a book that is set in Ireland as well as the teacher/student relationship -then Galway Baby Girl is the read for you. I have to admit; I didn't enjoy it as much as I don't find the whole idea of age play a turn-on as it is like consensual incest but not. When her time is up in Ireland - will she head back home to finish studying law or follow her heart and stay in Ireland with her sexy "Daddy" Professor and be a creative writer.


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