Review: Just In Case - Chrissie Manby

Just In Case

Review: Just In Case - Chrissie Manby - May 2014

Clare and Rosie Marwood grew up as the type of identical twins whose mother dressed them together, but as they got older, they went down separate tracks and had completely different styles and personalities. Clare was the business type and successful one who thrived on job security and looking professional. Rosie, on the other hand, had a robust, colorful character and always loved to be the life of the party. She didn't own a single colored outfit or sensible attire. Rosie was the free-spirit and had a dress sense which resembled Boho. When their mother gets a good deal on luggage, she gets them matching luggage as it's not like they spend enough time with each other and would get them ever muddled up. Of course, though that's just what happens when Clare arrives at her conference with Rosie's bright colored outfits and Rosie turns up in Tuscany at her friend's wedding with Clare's suitcase. Now the girls must find a way to wear the other's clothes during the week. What I loved about this book is that they ended up embracing it and adding their flairs and personalities to the outfits. Just in Case also showed readers that the power of an outfit can have a positive effect on the wearer and may even spark a few romances. Just in Case was a fun, quick chick-lit novella.


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