Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Review: The New Guy - Amy Sparling

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The New Guy (First Love Shorts, #4)

Review: The New Guy - Book #4 First Love Shorts - Amy Sparling - March 2018
Amy Sparling famous for her YA Romances has released a few novellas which are quick reads. In The New Guy, we meet sixteen-year-old Ashe who takes school very seriously especially her dance class as this can lead to her future and getting a scholarship for college. This year she has been given the opportunity to be Dance Officer for the course. This is a big responsibility as her whole grades rely on the way the class participates and joins in. If they fail, then she fails.  Enter Liam, his family have just moved to the area and when he signs up to school - he has to pick an elective. All the good ones are taken and the only thing left is Dance. He reluctantly signs up but thinks that this will be a breeze as he can sit back and not join in. He has another thing coming as Ashe is prepared for success. The two clash and we can see there is chemistry sizzling on the pages. Liam wants Ashe, and he is about to learn what it is like to have to chase a girl. Ashe gives him an ultimatum - she will date him if he dances. Will Liam put aside his pride to participate in the dance and win Ashe's heart? Find out in this quick YA romance read by Amy Sparling. It's Love at First Shorts.

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